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Privacy Shades Available

To safeguard your privacy and give you precise control of light, we offer High-Lite®.

Privacy Shades Available

If you prefer to enjoy the outside view while safeguarding your privacy, you may choose privacy shades. These shades are uniquely constructed with alternating horizontal stripes of sheer and coloured fabric. Therefore, by design they give a modern look for your windows and enhance the curb appeal. Turn to Blinds of All Kinds for the revolutionary Elite High-Lite® shades which combine the look and performance of both traditional blinds and today’s modern roller shades. They combine two styles and maximizes on the benefits of both. Call us to learn more about High-Lite® or Duo shades.

How Does High-Lite or Duo Shades Work?

When the opaque bars are in the open position, the sheer bars allow for a soft diffusion of light permitting good air circulation and a clear view. When the opaque bars are closed, they protect your privacy, block UV rays, and insulate your windows from the outdoor heat.

Whether fully extended or partially raised, High-Lites can be adjusted to angle or block light as you wish while presenting a clean, modern style. When fully raised, they disappear into a stylish, curved fascia that can also be fabric wrapped to correspond with the blind.

The rolling hem bar of your High-Lite shade is as unique as the rest of the shade, allowing for smooth, reliable operation.

A Variety of Fabrics Available to Choose From

High-Lite or Duo shades are available in a variety of colours and textures with corresponding headrail fascia and hem bar options, including fabric-wrapped headrails. Duo options are available with the installation of black-out shades behind other coverings.

Unique Designs and Child Safety Options

We offer motorization options for your privacy shades that are convenient for your privacy, and are child and pet safe.

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