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Smart Blinds for Smart Homes

Remote-operated blinds are available at our showroom.

For Your Smart Home Install the Blinds with Motorization

Do you wish you could just adjust your blinds without missing a minute of a movie or without getting out of bed on a lazy Saturday morning? Ask your Blinds of All Kinds consultant about remote-operated blinds. Simply the touch of a button can transform the lighting and mood of your space. The motorization feature is available with various types of blinds, including roller shades, pleated shades, cellular shades, highlights, sheer horizontal blinds, and more.


Your motorized system can be battery operated or be connected with an AC plug-in, with rechargeable batteries, with AA batteries, with 120V powered wired, or with solar power. Having several programmable remote controls help us to control one blind or several at the same time. There are also several remote controls including 1-channel, 5-channel and 16-channel options, as well as 1-channel or 5-channel wall switches.


We also offer the SOMFY motorization system.  Call or email us for more information or for an estimate.

Motorized Blinds

From light diffusion and privacy control to energy-efficiency, we have excellent motorized options designed for you.

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