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Overwhelmed by all the available choices? Here are some of the concerns that should be factored into your decision.


Are your windows facing a busy street or very close to your neighbour’s property? Do you use the room for exercise or work or to display valuable collections? Is your neighbourhood one where security is a concern?

In these cases you will want window coverings that block interior views of your rooms.


Whatever direction your windows face, you will want to protect your family and property from excessive heat, harmful UV rays and the fading that occurs from too much direct light.

Consider blackout fabric options if you:

· Have valuable art pieces hanging across from the window

· Have trouble sleeping unless you have complete darkness

· Will be using the room as a home theatre

Consider the many translucent or sun filtration options if you need controlled natural light in your space. Most blinds reduce heat and cooling losses through the windows making your home more energy efficient.

Opening and Closing

Do you open your windows often to let fresh air in or do you keep them closed to maintain a constant temperature in the house? How do your windows open? Do you want a clear view of the landscape or do you want to screen out an unattractive street while diffusing light into your room? How you use your windows determines your choice of blinds and draperies as well.

Installation and Maintenance

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Blinds of All Kinds is happy to offer you complete installation and repair services. However, if you want to do-it-yourself, you should consider how easy the blinds and accessories are to install. Should you need help understanding instructions or installing your product, feel free to contact us toll free at 1-888-539-1596 for assistance.

Most of our window treatments are made from easy to clean or dust-resistant materials. Consider your environment, your lifestyle, your schedule and any special needs (such as allergy sufferers in your household) to choose window treatments that will keep their good looks for years to come.

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