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Drapery Fabric and Sheers

Get drapery fabric and sheers that

meet your needs.

Custom Draperies

From simple panel with grommet holes to pleated drapes, Blinds of All Kinds offers a variety of custom draperies, full draperies, and custom-made valances. You can choose from our wide range of drapery fabrics and sheers to make the style according to your taste and preferences. We can also help you:

Select the heading style

Determine how much fabric you will need to cover your window

Decide the type of lining that will best control the light and atmosphere of your space

For an estimate, you should read our measuring tips and email us at .

Learn More about Draperies

Draperies are the volume control in any room. They can soften the edges, giving a sense of cocoon-like comfort in casual spaces; they can also create high drama, adding opulence and a sense of luxury to formal spaces. With the addition of sheers or in combination with any of Blinds of All Kinds’ other window coverings, they can also effectively control the light and mood of any room.

Get more information on the installation instructions and blinds terminologies .

Motorize Your Drapes

We will help you automate your windows with our quality, motorized draperies.

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