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Tips and FAQs

Are you experiencing difficulty in selecting the right type of blinds? Here are a few tips and a collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be considered while buying a product:




If your windows are facing a busy street or are close to your neighbour’s property, you should choose window coverings that block the interior views of your room. These window coverings can also be installed if you are planning to use your room for exercise or to display valuable collections. In such cases, security is the prime concern and so you should opt for windows that restrict the interior view.

Protection from Sun

We understand that protecting your family and property from excessive heat and harmful UV rays is important. Consider installing blackout fabric options, which will also help you use your room as a home theatre. You can also sleep well in the room as there will be complete darkness.

If you need to control natural light in your space, consider various translucent or sun filtration options. Most blinds reduce heat and cooling losses through the windows making your home more energy efficient.


How You Use Your Windows?

The way you use your windows will help you determine your choice of blinds and draperies. Before purchasing the product you should ask yourself these questions:

Do you open your windows often to let fresh air in?

Do you keep them closed to maintain a constant temperature in the house?

Do you want a clear view of the landscape?

Do you want to screen out an unattractive street while diffusing light into your room?

Drapery Headings

Your custom draperies get their volume from how they are pleated and hung from the rod. There are many styles of drapery headings – each requiring their own kind of hardware. Here are a few ways the different headings can be applied:

Pinch pleats: Pinch pleated headings give a formal look to any space and look best when paired with sleek, shapely upholstered pieces. Medium-weight fabrics work best in these applications so the drapes don’t look too bulky when they are drawn.

Grommet top: These pierced panels work well in contemporary spaces or small areas where a clean block of colour adds a punch without adding too much weight to the room’s furnishings. Use light to medium weight fabrics which will look almost flat when they are fully extended and almost disappear from view when drawn.

Rod pocket: Best for stationary drapes which will not be drawn open, the rod pocket heading completely hides the rod. These draperies can be tied back rather than drawn and paired with a blind for light control. Rod pocket headings add casual grace to any room.

Installation and Maintenance

We provide you with complete installation and repair services. But if you want to install the blinds and accessories on your own, you will find it very easy. If you need help in understanding the instructions while installing your product, call us . Here are a few resources that may help you:


Are Window Blind Cords Safe for Children?

Cord and Chain Tension Devices for Child Safety

We understand that blind cords are a safety concern for kids. This is why providing safer products for homes with infants and children is a top priority at Blinds of All Kinds. Health Canada’s current regulations on corded window covering products mandate all window treatments manufactured and sold in Canada with visible control cords must be supplied with cord/chain tension devices. We not only conform to the regulations, but we also offer alternatives, such as cordless or motorized systems to ensure your safety.

For those who prefer a cord or endless chain, extra safety is offered through cord/chain tension devices. These devices ensure that the cords and chain loops are secured tightly to prevent any strangulation or entanglement incidents. It is however necessary that the tension device is installed properly to the window frame or wall. If they are loosened over time, they should be reinstalled securely to operate properly and safely. Call us today for more information.

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