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Blinds That Are Useful to Allergy Sufferers

We provide a variety of options in dust-repellent aluminum and dust-proof fabric.

Venetian Blinds: An Affordable Option

Whether you are aiming at a retro look or simply want an easy to install option in window coverings, rely on Blinds of All Kinds for Venetian blinds. We offer you a range of options in dust repellent aluminum and dust-proof fabric. When you visit us , you will find the following 

Venetian blind options:

1” aluminum with a variety or 2” for wood and wood venetian blind

2” Venetian Blinds

2” Venetian blinds are made from 0.040 PVC slats that are 100% lead-free. We can make these easy to clean blinds for you in a variety of colours and textures that coordinate with our 3 ½” vertical vanes. Some of the features of these blinds are:

Flame retardant

Decorative cotton tapes available

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