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Roller Shades with an Enduring Style

Choose roller shades with unique patterns for your kitchen windows.

Roller Shades

At Blinds of All Kinds, we offer roller shades in a variety of attractive, easy-to-clean materials and a wide assortment of colours, styles, and finishes. If you do not want to see the roller shades, we can install valances. The shades will disappear behind the decorative valances. Rollers can be made as rollup shades or panels. When you visit us, you can find these shades in multiple colours.

Some of the features of roller shades are:

Available in a wide variety of materials, colours, textures, and patterns

Available in sleek and modern style

Can be used on extra-large windows

Easy to operate with a simple chain mechanism, spring loaded, cordless, or top-down bottom-up

Linked blinds

Motorization options

Meet the EnviroGuard® and GREENGUARD standards

Come with a choice of valances and cassettes

Duo options with the installation of black-out shades behind other coverings

Solar Blinds

If you want to get a clear view of your landscape along with protection from UV rays, choose our solar blinds. They allow you to see out while controlling the sun’s glare, the heat, and providing up to 98% UV protection. Some blinds will also reduce your heat. They are made of specialized fabrics that help keep out the heat and glare of the sun during summer. Through the solar blinds, the right amount of light will enter into your room, or you can also darken your room as per your needs. These shades can be used for commercial applications as well.

We conform to condos regulations and also provide stationary blinds for hard-to-cover areas and odd-shaped windows and skylights. Our team can do the finishing work of your roller shades in various ways so that they blend seamlessly into your decor. Some other features of our solar blinds include:

1% to 15% openness

Shades can be linked

Many choices of valances available

Available with blackout blinds for more privacy

Light Filtering and Blackout Blinds

Do you need light filtering or blackout shades for your bedroom to help you sleep more soundly? Turn to our company for efficient blackout systems and for quality light-filtering blinds that regulate light to come through with varying amounts of privacy. We also have several patterns and styles of matching fabric on blackout and light filtering. Our other features of light-filtering and blackout blinds include:

Safety feature for children

Motorization options available

New cordless top-down, bottom-up available

Panel Tracks

To soften the appearance of windows and sliding doors, you can choose panel tracks, which are also known as gliding panels. With the fully extended feature, they give an elegant and contemporary look to a room. When you slide them back, all the panels will glide over one another, for a nice clean look.

Fascia and Valance Options


A/t our showroom, you can find valances in various materials matching your decor or blinds. One of the options is aluminum with a fabric insert matching with your blinds. The fascia or cassette can also be wrapped in fabric for a complete decorator look. You can have fabric valance of 6”, 8”, and 10” sizes.

Download the installation instructions for your blinds installation.

green guard

Check Out Our Blinds

Aluminum Valance

Aluminum Valance

Wrapped Valance

Wrapped Valance

AV3 System

AV3 System

Wrapped Fascia

Wrapped Fascia

PVC Valance 3 ½

PVC Valance 3 ½

Polymer Valance

Polymer Valance

Motorized Roller Shades

Easily adjusting shades 

using apps or your voice.

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